Top Escape Games

At the Dungeon of Paris, we believe in the power of immersion. We created this page to offer you a selection of the best escape games in the capital. As escape game specialists, we want to share our expertise with you by recommending other unique and captivating experiences. Explore our carefully selected list of the best other Escape Games in Paris, combining creativity, immersion, and intellectual challenges. Whether you are an escape game enthusiast looking for new adventures or a novice wanting to discover this universe, this list will guide you to unforgettable experiences across the city of Paris.


Discover the hidden secret of the Deep Inside bookstore in Paris. Behind its walls lies a concealed door to the Martyrs' City, an enchanting and mysterious underground city inhabited by society's outcasts. Explore its dark and misty streets, immerse yourself in its eerie ambiance, and uncover the secrets of this forgotten city. Will you dare to venture into the unknown?


The Quest Factory offers you thrilling adventures. Become a secret agent from the 1980s, embark on a quest for a mysterious treasure, and explore Gallic tombs. Immerse yourself in captivating experiences where danger and puzzles await. Unleash your inner adventurer at The Quest Factory.


One Hour, the escape game that pushes the boundaries of adventure. Dive into heart-pounding and thrilling experiences, explore whimsical worlds, and escape from extraordinary situations. Get ready to live unforgettable moments where excitement and escapism are guaranteed.


Dive into the world of Lock Academy, the ultimate address for escape games in Paris. Explore captivating game rooms where meticulously crafted puzzles await. Immerse yourself in a total immersion and experience thrilling adventures designed by renowned escape game specialists. Take up the challenge, form your detective team, and create unforgettable memories in Lock Academy's fascinating universe.


Embark on an epic adventure inspired by Jules Verne's masterpiece! As the heir of a secret manuscript, Louis Aronnax embarks on a daring quest to find the mysterious Nautilus. Join a team of seasoned explorers for endless days at sea until an enigmatic island appears on the horizon. Prepare to explore the depths of the ocean where myth meets reality.


Get ready to join Secrets Hunters, a team of fearless investigators specializing in unsolved cases. With their incredible time travel technology, dive into the past and unravel the mysteries of mysterious disappearances that have defied all resolution. Explore distant eras, solve complex puzzles, and uncover long-buried secrets. Are you ready to become a true secrets hunter and rewrite history?


Prepare for an epic experience in a fantastical world filled with magic and humor. Join a company of adventurers with unique personalities and embark on an exciting quest. Your mission: reactivate the legendary Stone of Light, a magical crystal of unmatched power. Face original puzzles and immerse yourself in exceptionally realistic settings. Will you rise to the challenge and uncover the mysteries hidden within this adventure?


Immerse yourself in horror with PANIK ROOM. A terrifying experience where you become the heroes of a horror film. Explore abandoned locations and confront your fears up close. Chills guaranteed. It's not quite an escape game, but immersion is also guaranteed, and the adventure is worth it!


Different from a classic escape game! Infiltration, puzzles, dangers, and intense emotions. Who will you be faced with the unexpected? Discover it in this immersive experience where game and reality merge.