The Cursed Lovers

an inn

Immerse yourself in a quest filled with mystery by responding to the call of a mysterious stranger presenting himself as a butler. They implore your help to break a curse that has haunted their master since the tragic loss of his beloved. To find the key to this puzzle, you will have to enter a secret place, carefully guarded, to retrieve a precious memento. Despite the curse forbidding entry to anyone, you accept out of compassion and prepare for this long-awaited meeting. The butler will wait for you in front of the Funeral Services, ready to guide you through the sinister underground where you will expose yourself to the wrath of their master.

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure by accepting the enigmatic request of a butler. Faced with the suffering and distress of their master, embark on a captivating quest to break the curse that darkens his life. The secret place you will access holds many mysteries and challenges that will test your courage and sharpness of mind. Despite the formal ban on entry, you generously agree to their request, ready to face the challenge ahead. Meet them in front of the Funeral Services, where the butler will wait to lead you into the dark underground where you must confront the master's wrath and attempt to restore peace and serenity to his troubled life.

a medieval inn


an old well
an alchemical machine
an object to knock on a door
a boat navigating