Our Concept

The Dungeon of Paris is an escape game located near Place de la République, offering a unique immersive experience in a captivating medieval universe. Our concept is based on the idea of leading our players into an exciting adventure, mixing puzzles, suspense, and collaboration. Participants will have to solve mysteries, uncover secrets, and take on challenges to escape the Dungeon. With carefully designed sets, stimulating puzzles, and a thrilling atmosphere, our escape games offers an unforgettable experience for adventure lovers and history enthusiasts.

At the Dungeon of Paris, we believe in the importance of total immersion to offer an exceptional escape game experience. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to create captivating scenarios and original puzzles that challenge players' intellect and team spirit. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, our unique concept offers adventures tailored to all difficulty levels. Immerse yourself in the medieval universe of the Dugeon of Paris and discover an escape game that combines entertainment, intellectual challenges, and total immersion, for an exciting and memorable experience.


Our Experiences

The Immortal

The Last Knight Templars

The Cursed Lovers

The Alchemist

The Crypt

Beginner/Intermediate Difficulty

Beginner/Intermediate Difficulty

Beginner/Intermediate Difficulty

Intermediate/Advanced Difficulty

Adjustable Difficulty

Fear Level 3/5

Fear Level 2/5

Fear Level 1/5

Fear Level 1/5

Fear Level 4/5